About Me

I am a middle age woman who has spent my whole life writing. I believe that the best poems write themselves. I usually write what’s on my mind. I try to be honest. I don’t believe (obviously) that poems have to rhyme. If you really don’t understand a poem- the author just wanted to you think it was “brilliant” because of the “college” words that were used

I think I am a fair writer. If I was really good; I’d be published. There is virtually no market for poetry unless you self publish~or~ you are Maya Angelo~ I’m not!! NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I write for me. If I like a poem- it goes up- what’s the worse case scenerio? No comments, No feedback? Some of my best work got no attention- but I like it!!!

I’m really not out to impress anyone. This is a hobby. It’s my life work; but I’m not getting paid- and if I don’t write another poem~ no-one is going to kill me.

Read~ and IF you like it, tell me. I like writing to people.



  1. Lala Rukh

    That’s the real spirit ! Write for yourself and don’t bother about the count of views and likes…. You just have to know the fun of writing. Loved your poetry and blog. Looking forward to read more and more 🙂 xx

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