I don’t think

I could go on

in a world

where you ceased

to exist

So think long

and hard before

you check yourself out

What you don’t realize

is  that you hold my

fate in your hands

I simply would not

want to live

If you  don’t get better

you’re headed for a life

with only emptiness

This is your last chance

I understand it’s hard

but you have got to come back

stronger and better than

ever before’

G-d knows

your children NEED you

they’re young, but they understand

way too well

the kind of life you’ve lead

up to now

and Baby….My Sweet baby…

I know you’re still in there

just SCREAMING to come out

You just don’t realize

that eventually EVERYONE

will forgive you

But first…

You got to want the help

you’re heading for

a life with no  happiness


listen to me

I know about depression and stress

those are my 2 best friends

and worst enemies

G-d’; Please hear

me now

I want to go first

I could not survive

without hearing her voice

Yes; I admit it

I did wrong

I “stole” her

Don’t punish her

for my sin

just take me first

IF you stay where you are

your chances of recovery

is better than if you go

home to him

I can handle a lot of stress

but I cannot and will not watch

My Sweet and Last Baby

self destruct

I know she’s in there somewhere

SCREAMING to come back

and live a life

She was meant to have

She needs to forgive herself;

to try and understand that

even though life is hard

and sometimes rocky

it’s still worth another try

28 years How many were wasted?

Only she knows

I refuse to go on living

if my kid calls it quits

I can only pray

that she gets better

and comes back to us


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