Good Vs. Bad

It suddenly stuck me one day

when I was a little more depressed

than usual

It all boiled down to one concept:

In the classic struggle between good and bad


MUST always triumph


….and; in the end….

no matter what


Good would always win

This world would go on

long past my lifetime


The writer in me

NEEDED to know

what would eventually happen


MY own life was in pieces

the peace I had longed for

was not to be

I had the burden of proof

and believe me~ I tried

but time was NOT on my side


and maybe the old adage was true




…..served up…..



Because it had time to age

and become

the only thing I had

and would NEVER, EVER DIE

Some would say

that I was ALWAYS


You could see it my eyes


My REAL crime?

being born

NOT perfect;

being gullible

albeit: naivity


worst of all

being in the wrong place

at exactly the wrong time

If I lived to a ripe old age

I would NEVER understand why

I was, at best, very ordinary

….and did I REALLY consider myself

the personification of “GOOD”….

…..NO….no-one is…..

I was only Good

in comparison

to one

who was bad


….so in the end….

I had to win

….or would I?


I believe  in G-d

I am not a complete

egocentric human being

There had to be some thing

more powerful than I


I had to believe that things

would eventually get better

because they could not get any worse


I had been pushed too far

it was time to fight back

and I had to believe

that all was not for naught

….so in the end;

I would leave

My parting words

were heard by only one person:



….and I would live the rest of my life



I want a happy ending…..

…..and with the utmost apologies

to Billy Joel…..

……”and so it goes”



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