I was never comfortable alone

and now

ALL I want

is to be left alone

I don’t care who is here

I just want to be left alone

No demands

No commands

I want nothing

from anyone

I just want peace- not pieces

I am being torn apart


Am I worth

the price

you will eneventually pay

here is one thing I know for sure

If you steal something

you will have


to pay for it

nothing is free

everything has a price

and…what you steal

you MUST give back

I am NOT stupid

I know that when you

look at me

you see my twisted neck

Do you see me for who I am?

I am just trying to make it through

One person should not have

this much stress

It will kill me

Will that make you happy

Look at yourself in a mirror

and tell me

I was worth

what you will have to endure 

I depise you

oh- you know that


it was just too inviting?

too easy

make that person

as miserable as I am

and after that;

know just one more thing

You may have tried to ruin me

and at times

I wanted to just give up

but you would never get

what you REALLY wanted;

did you?


How much time

did you lose?

Funny thing about time

it goes on

One day follows another

and G-d knows

what you did

and when your “time” is up

what will have to show for all your effort

A penney?

What did you learn?

In the end;

I will win


ALL that time wasted

you picked the wrong PERSON

ONE last question

WAS it worth

the price you have to pay?


Revenge is a plate

much better served up


You will serve your time


all because

of me…

…and so it goes

~ HA- HA~






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