Broken Bonds

I do not understand

what He is looking for

I do not even understand

why he is writing to her

It is obvious

that she wants

a relationship with him

My question is:

will he do it?

Does he really think

that I dot know

what is going on

This is  NOT a game

It is my life

and I will not be betrayed



I cannot stop you

You seem determined

to break my heart

You have done it

too many times

I’ve had it

 I do not want

to go on with

this farce

He must understand

that if he goes to meet her

He will lose me

for good

Yes; we have a bond~


it is frayed

how much more

will I take?

No-one wants to be alone

I am used to it

I don’t like it

but it has become

a way of life


it’s just another

four letter word



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