You are rarely here

on Tuesdays

You seem to be off

in your own private world

I can see it in your eyes

Have you ever REALLY loved me?

I SWEAR- I never meant

to “trap you”

YOU wanted marriage~

not me

I wanted you

While I accepted

your terms

I was ready to give you up

I wanted (and STILL do)

want you to be happy

IF not with me-

just leave

I never was “good” enough

for  you

My sin?

Loving you

Too much

I stopped

long ago

trying to please you

Nothing I do is right

I DO try

I fall short

and you refuse

to acknowledge

that I have changed

I’ve grown

I cannot and will not

fight this battle

not again

You win

now go

make your mistake

….and live with it

I’ve paid a heavy price

for loving you

and when you leave

PLEASE make sure

it is Tuesday

I had your child

on a Tuesday

We got married

on a Tuesday

You cheated on me

on Tuesdays


ALWAYS Tuesdays…

….and so it goes



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