Yes, I DID invade your privacy

YOU think nothing of invading mine

Does it make me CRAZIER than I already am

to realize that you are having an “internet affair d’heart”?

NO- I ALWAYS knew you were a “cheat”- I married you anyway

…and if I had it to do over again- I would have NEVER married you

I love you- I have no concrete reason to love you

You did not “give” me a child-

I “stole” her

She saved my life

and I love her

MORE than I love you?


I loved you the first time

I laid eyes on you

I went home and called my friend

and told her that I met you

and that SOMEDAY I was going to marry you

She laughed


Puppy Love?

Love at first sight

~I will go to my grave

believing that FATE brought us

together that day

and FATE would drive us apart

No-one makes a rational decision

to fall in love

I do not believe that

you can “learn to love someone”

So you can have your little internet

(whatever it is)

I cannot stop it

You cheated on me once

I was an idiot

I took you back

I also remember saying

“Never again”

IF you could; I’m sure

you would hop in your car

and go to her;

She claims that she LOVES you

You have not seen her in 45  years

She is no longer a “bleached blonde bombshell”

She is an older woman

a grandmother (who has no grandchildren)

Have your fun;

but know this

IF you go to her

DO NOT come back

I will NOT be here

I have grown up

have you?

The next move is all yours

think carefully

~with your head

this time

I will not die if you leave




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