My New Years Tale

She has NEVER said :

I’m sorry” ever in her life

She is 81 years old;

and has NEVER, EVER apologized

I find this hard; if not impossible

to believe

“To err is HUMAN- To forgive-divine”

She’s not HUMAN?

She has NEVER, EVER made a mistake?

……or……she just refuses to acknowledge

that she is wrong- sometimes very wrong

and very hurtful….

and does not care?


How can anyone live

for 81 years and never be wrong?

Is she THAT stubborn- yes

She expects apologies

though she hard ever accepts it

she never lets anything “go”

I hold a grudge;

but when I’m wrong;

I’m wrong


get it over with

and get on with life

LIFE is too short?


In my opinion; NO

it’s too long

maybe it’s G-d’s punishment

People live too long

They outlive their usefulness

but that is quite another topic

than the one at hand


She called last night

it had been a month

since last we spoke

I did not answer the phone

my partner did

Quite a lot has happened

our dog was put to “sleep”

a very sad end to her life

The day after that;

he was in a serious car accident

taken to the hospital

she knew ALL this

a third party had called her

She did not call

IF the situation had been reversed

and we did not call IMMEDIATELY

She would never have forgiven

She offered no apology


Not to me

She told me;

years ago

she made it a strict policy

to NEVER apologize

and she NEVER has

After the call; the phone rang

it was her

I did not answer

nor did he

we know she’s alive

it’s enough for now

She has a knack

of ruining events that are important

to me

too many to even list

She has ruined New Years

Well; at least, she thinks she has

SAD~ isn’t it

She will die (I DO NOT WISH HER DEATH)

and her ONLY claim “to fame”

will have been

~to have NEVER apologized~

People are strange

Is it REALLY that important?

She has one child

She refuses to talk to him

it makes no sense to me

He asked her for nothing

support- not financial;


It’s New Years

“May old ……



Wish I had a chrystal ball

as a writer; I have a need to know

G-d knows; I want a happy ending

but the perverbial ball is in her court

and she REFUSES to pick it up

I do not want her to die alone

apparently; she does


I can only control MY behavior

The rest is up to her



  1. Lala Rukh

    That was quite an interesting and heart touching story. Well, I know people who don’ apologize….For them, the walls of their ego are more important than feelings of other people…or sometimes they just are embarrassed and hesitate saying sorry to an extent that they don’t say it !! I hope everything settles down for you. Wish you a very very happy new year ! Much Love xx

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