He talks AT me

not to me

I’m treated like a child

I’m NOT a child

and he’s boring me

so I sit here

look at him and smile

He’s a smart guy

no doubt about it

But he just….talks

I don’t listen

I can’t

I’ll go nuts way

I want things to change

if I told him

the way I REALLY feel

He’ just get mad

He NEEDS to be in control

I let him believe he is

He’s not

We left each other

ages ago

neither one of us

wants to be alone

LOVE- overrated

But IF I had to do over

I think I would have taken

a different road

He tells me that I’ve


I grew up

I’m just waiting

for him

to catch up


I listen

The chatter is endless

I’ve learned to tune him out

…and do my own thing

I cannot win

so why try?


Let him think

he’s in control

It’s easier

Life is hard enough

Don’t rock the boat

Learn to accept

what cannot change

he will NOT change

Neither will I


 just cannot deal with his endless chatter

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