…And Then I Cried


The phone rang

the news was NOT good

I did not react

I shook

I hung up

and then I cried


Sometimes life just

is not fair

I’m an adult

I have children

and grandchildren

They should ALL live,

be well and most of all:

be happy


They should not hurt

at the hands of people

who really do love them

but are too ill

to parent them

they should not suffer

They should not cry

but I hear them

in my mind

…I cry for them

and then I just cry

Things should not

have gotten this out of hand

Children should be children

not small adults

they know too much

It’s just not fair

….I do not care

about my tears

But the kids

should not cry

I now shudder

when the phone rings

Will it be yet more


How much can one person cry?

when, if ever, will it stop?





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