The Day After

Yesterday was Halloween

NOT my favorite day of the year

In fact, there are ONLY two

good things about this  day

My Granddaughter was born

seven years ago- 6 weeks early

She’s now a beautiful child

but that day was scary.


I used to like the day after Halloween

The candy sales are GREAT

As per,my luck it is raining

No big deal?

To me; it is

I can no longer drive


IF I had thought about it
I would have ordered a bus
They want 72 hours notice
for a shopping trip
The ONLY time I could
get a bus the same day is
IF it’s a genuine emergency
and somehow I don’t think
a addiction to candy coupled with
50% off qualifies

I just don’t think I could pull it off
or I would have tried

Oh well;
there’s always tomorrow
IF the weather is nice
I can walk
and hope the candy
is STILL there.

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