Puppet On A String

I am NOT a puppet

on a string

I am a person

not easily manipulated

I have values

and standards

I do not judge

I , in turn

do not want

to be judged

In this screwed up world

people tend to make

“snap” observations

I am handicapped

but far from stupid

you look at me

and you see someone

who makes you feel good

about being you

NEWS Flash:

If you think

your life is better

than mine

take a hard, cold

look in the mirror

Are you your own person?

Who do you answer  to?

I answer only to me

…and, of course, G-d

I will only do the things

I WANT to do

I am a loner

I’m quite nice

just do not cross me

Don’t tell me what to do,

where I may go

and who to be with

My friends are people

who don’t want anything

other than friendship

I do not use people

I do not expect to be used

IF I like you, I will help you

anyway I can

I will give you only friendship

If that is not enough

leave me be

I am quite used to being left

When one is handicapped

you expect them to be

less of a person

A puppet on a string

You expect me to do

ANYTHING you ask

Got that one absolutely wrong

Yes, I am handicapped,

both physically and emotionally

I am NOT crippled

My handicap has made me strong

G-d gives us what we can handle

My condition is only one aspect of me

I am not Dystonia

….I HAVE Dystonia…

…Dystonia does not have me…

I simply will NOT give in

So if you think

I will give into your every whim

THINK again

Take a long, cold hard look at you

Are you perfect?

Thought you could tell me to jump

and I would say: “How high?”

tell the truth

you did not expect me

to be unyielding

you did not expect a fight

Cross me only once

you will NEVER do it again

I have nothing except time

the old adage is true

REVENGE is a dish

best served COLD


think about it

I am not who you thought I was

I will get the last laugh

and it will be the best laugh

of my life

So, the handicapped one is me;

but the true cripple is


Surprise, Surprise

Believe  me-

I am not worth

your very life


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