A Mother’s Tale



give me one GOOD reason

to go on

Right about now

All I can think of

is my children-

would they even miss me?

Would they mourn?

I love all my kids;

my grandkids are

the light in my darkness

I NEVER see them

They would not know me

If they ran into me

I tried- maybe TOO hard

they made it clear

I was NOT their role model

I did not work

I am handicapped

I’m not stupid

but I am made to feel

as if I am

In this world

I am judged


where is compassion?

As a Mother, I failed

My kids will find out

what it is like to grow old

They set a bad example

and history had a nasty habit

of repeating itself

I did not abandon them

they left me

and never looked back

I yearn to see them

but I think the next time

I see them

I will be looking down

~or up~

What sins did this to me?

I am a childless mother

I have 3 kids

only one calls

and I’m grateful for that

No- no-one ever told me

life was easy

but I was not prepared

to be disowned

I tried

…and I failed….






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