When you get nothing but stress for your birthday

you kinda wonder

just how much you  mean


It’s not easy

but I’ve achieved it


I got operated last year

I could have died

I was alone

no one stayed

with me

The dog was alone

So he dropped me at the hospital

and left

I went through MAJOR surgery alone

Ain’t no hero

I was scared;

but the dog

was alone

I understood

arrangements could have been made

but he did not think to make

other arrangements

G-d; I would have NEVER

done that to him

but it’s only me

The only invisible person

I’ve ever known

The  kids did not even call

What difference does it make

I lived

I came home…ALONE….

On a bus

Charming, huh

Well at least

the dog was not alone







I was…but I’m used to that.

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