Not A Puppet

I am not a puppet
No strings
I listen only to me
Don’t boss me around
I’m human;
I have feelings
When I hurt,
I cry

You do not own me
As Holly Go-Lightly
once exclaimed:
“People don’t own people”
She was right
I own me
is a two way
If I don’t like you
Go away
Leave me be
Get out of my life
What I do
I do because I want
to do it
I’m not going to change
I need privacy
some aspects of my life
are personal
just because you ask
a question
does not mean
I will automatically
Somethings are not
to be shared
The more you push
the further I’ll go
I will not tolerate
being harassed
I’m not afraid
I am what is called
a “loose cannon”
I will not change
what you see is
what you yet
I detest liars
I hold a grudge
I am very real
I am…and will always be


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