A Glance At The Past

I talked  last night

She started to get agitated

when she mention “him’

I knew she was telling

the truth

…and that is the problem

The “off the cuff” remark

was (to say the least)



I did not hear it

She cried- I would have slapped

him in the face

He apparently REALLY believed

I would have gave in

I would not have

I pray she knows that

She was the child I wanted

almost too much

She was NOT an accident~

and most defininitely~

NOT a mistake

She would not believe

the details about her


Nor would she believe

her ALMOST comical

entrance into the world


I had done it

I felt like I had

“stolen something”

But it was meant to be

She would never believe

all I went through to facilitate

her birth

While it is true

that no-one asks to be born

I felt that this child had

Twenty five years later

the truth comes out of his mouth

He could not have picked a worst moment

A monsterous remark

that will resounate in my head

to the moment I die

The child that brought us together

is now tearing us apart

I will NEVER forgive him

He certainly has never forgiven me

I will certainly never forgive him

I will never get past this

and if anything happens to her

Rationally or not;

I will blame him

He needs to apologize

He won’t

He probably does NOT remember

She did not make it up

The remark is “PURE HIM”


So this is where I stand

I love him;

I hate him

Can I stay with him?

I honestly….

don’t know

Will I ever see her again?

It will take a miracle

Her hear is broken

My heart is in ruins



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