I can no longer drive a car

I have Dystonia-

a somewhat rare condition

I also am an agoraphobic

BUT- I TRY to go out

once a day

just so I do not get housebound

I went to Walmart


this morning at 7 AM

you’d be surprised

the store was NOT empty

but ALL I wanted was

a pack of cigarettes

They are very high priced

on tobacco- and to top

things off- they did not have the kind I wanted

I bought a pack of generic cigarettes

I ONLY smoke 4-6 per day

I bought 2 packs last Saturday night

and still have close to half a pack~


The walk took less than an hour

and I felt better

like I accomplished something

The LAST thing I want to be is


It’s funny;  I hate being out

I get so nervous- yet

Walking does me

a world of good

I walk




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