I heard her in the background

I heard her in the background

She was on a rant

I just don’t know

why she was even there

She is not welcome there

Plain and simple

I don’t know

how they got her to leave

I’m just hoping

that my worst fears

did not come into play

I hope she left

of her own free will

This is taking it’s toll on me

I shudder to think what happened

The children should come first



Is she that irrational now?

I NEED to know
where she is
I will try to call her
and when get nothing
What am I to assume
that she is…WHERE

I have cried a river
I NEED to find her
talk to her
whenever I think about her
I burst out into tears
Reality can not be worst
than what I feel
I need to know
she’s safe
that’s all I ask
before I go to a place
from where there is no
coming back
I have ALWAYS been her ally
but I know she is wrong
she needs help
so do I!


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