The War rages on

A private war

The players are now enemies

No love and less comfort

with each passing day

What is there left to argue about?

After 45 years; haven’t we exhausted

all the topics?


I feel numb


yet we go on

a FINE example

of two lives gone totally wrong

yet no one knows

(no-one cares)

I keep to myself

If I’m outside crying

and someone walks by

I am NOT receptive to

airing my dirty laundry in public

Walk on by

….but SHE was there

….wasn’t she?


Everyone has their own life

It’s no-one business

…just walk on by

The “crazy lady”

went back inside

No-one knows her

she’s aloof

Nice enough when I’ve

run into her

but volunteers zero

The WAR rages on;

a psychological battle

has just ended; to the victor

goes the spoils


This will NEVER end

Not until DEATH

will they part


…and so it goes

the story of love gone wrong

As McCartney/Lennon once wrote

“A love that SHOULD

have lasted years”


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