Hear My Prayer

Hear my prayer

 I will NEVER know

the truth

Because I doubt

that ANYONE really knows it

and she; frankly I don’t think

she would know the truth

If it smacked her in the face

Was it:

Sleep deprivation?



the responsonsability

for 4 children?

Was it simply

a cry for help

I was told

that they just kept saying

one thing

OVER and OVER again:

“Where’s your stuff?”

and she finally; after 2 hours

said; “My bed”

So they went to the bedroom

They were only allowed to get her

on something in “plain sight”

It was way up high

No way the kids could see it there

It was pushed as far back

as it could go

“the kit”- needles, white powder

I just cannot seem to get my fingers

to type it

but you get the idea

I have lived on the island


for far too long

Time to face

reality- not pretty

I have 3 concerns

Her and the boys


not for me

for them

I would do ANYTHING

right now, my hands are tied

If there is ANY way;

I need to make it work

She needs to go away

The kids need…me?

So be it

I am not helpless

looks can be deceiving

I can do anything I want

PLEASE save them

PLEASE save her

…from herself

I have been “played”

She will lie, cheat, steal


to get her way

to feed her addiction

Her kid saw her being arrested

That scene will NEVER leave his mind

What happens now?

I wait

and wonder

what will happen


hear my prayer

Nothing will ever be the same again

It has to get better

It cannot get worse





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