Ode To Lists

I am a self diagnosed

“list maker”

I make lists

for almost every aspect

of my life

How much coffee

did I have?

I have a notebook

each page has numbers

on it

From the first sip

to the last

It’s ALL there

But that’s not all

I list

Every thing I eat

is written down;

not by what kind of food

it is- but by calorie count

been doing that for years

I no longer have to look up the calorie count

for some ODD reason;

my aging mind is quite able

to retain very trivial information

I might not be  able to tell you

exactly what I ate;

but chances are

I could tell you

how many calories

I took in

Normal? Don’t know

Don’t care- I have a great

NEED to know

So I simply write it down

Shopping list

I write them

hardly ever take them

but just writing down helps me 

I seem to usually forget


the most important thing

the thing that motivated me

to take a mile walk

today was NO different

There is a big smile

on my face- I just remembered

the thing I forgot

Maybe I’ll go back later

I walk- it’s Saturday


(Weather wise)

I could easily go back later

or not~ I’ll see

There are list

and there are LISTS

the other day

I was thinking about

dresses- Summer dresses

So; without going to my


I took out a piece of paper

I started with “Denim”

and I started picturing my clothes

Sounds silly?

Could be worse

I have WAY too much time

on my hands…

let me list the ways…




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