Baby Of My Baby

Baby of my baby
child of my girl
You are the sweetest part
of my departing youth

A grandchild
a baby girl
a new chapter
added to my life

You’ve added
a new feeling
an emotion
I’ve never known

A daughter
of my daughter
you’ve given me
new hope


Author’s Note: This is what you might call the epolouge to my trilogy. It is a piece about my Granddaughter- a child I’ve only seen a handful of times, but love just the same. She is part of me.
Posted on 02/09/2006
I just found out on Facebook that Sydney graduated Elementary School- I DID NOT KNOW- This is the only gift I have.

I NEED to go out and buy her a appropriate gift. Unfortunately, I REALLY don’t know her, so I might just get her a gift card. PERSONALLY, I LOVE shopping, so, to me, a gift card is just perfect. I am banking on the fact that the “apple” has not fallen too far from the tree. I would rather give her the luxury of picking out something she actually likes.

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