A Sunday Walk

I took a walk

early this morning

I was really happy

Don’t bring me down

It doesn’t matter

what I bought

or if I bought anything

The point is that

I went

and yes, I spent about $20.00

I bought food

I was proud of myself

I don’t care

how lame that sounds

You cannot control me

…and that’s what it’s about

You resent that I can walk

You can drive- I can’t

I have no choice

Not on a Sunday

Either walk or stay home

I walked

and now I get to pay the price

He puts me down

it’s not right

Nothing good was said

I’m tired of trying

to be nice

I feel like screaming

How dare you

You tell me

that you love me?

That is NOT love




It is control
After 45 years
You should know better

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