My Downfall

I find myself in a terrible situation

one which I can find no way out

IF I had somewhere to go;

I’d be there

Yes, I still love my husband

but he has changed

so have I

I have gotten stronger

but no person is an island

There are times I think
I want company

but time after time

the times he picks

are not times I want

I think about moving

I cannot stay here

not alone

and here I sit day

after day



Sometimes love is NOT enough

After 45 years

I don’t feel he does

feel too much for me

Yes, I got sick

Yes, I have made progress

He treats me like a 5 year old

This feeling will not blow over

It’s a long time coming

I simply have run of options

There is no communication

and there will NEVER be

anyone else

It was ALWAYS him

I’m just not built that way

No other man would ever

take his place

Yet I’m miserable

and he does not care

I have tried over and over

to make him understand



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