Remembering Edith…and Cling Peaches

I don’t have much luck…

and what I DO have is bad

I went to Walmart this morning


It was supposed to be

about a 2 hour shopping trip;

but the driver was late

about 1/2 hour;

which was absolutely fine

with me

I’m Agoraphobic

so…the shorter…

the better

and even though

I’m handicapped;

I’m a quick shopper

I got everything I need

ok- I FORGOT one thing



I had brought a soda from home

I paid for my food and other stuff

and walked out of Walmart

It was about 5 minutes

until the bus was scheduled

to get me

The drivers have a 15 minute “window”

IF they are  early; they are obligated to wait

IF they are late, you have no choice

(unless, of course you live close

and can walk

While I DO live in walking distance;

and have, on occasion walked;

I had 4 HEAVY bags

…and one fairly big problem

I do not drive

but I, somehow,

managed to have an accident

with a Pennslyvania van

I bumped into it

with my cart

I was anxious to get into the bus

I had brought a bottle of ginger ale from home

when I opened it- it EXPLODED!!!

I was sticky

I got lucky

when I plowed into

the out-of-state van

I said I was sorry

Thankfully, I think the woman

did not fully comprehend what happened

….all I keep thinking about is:





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