Just Plain Mean

He’s just a plain old mean man

who happens to be married to me

He awoke very early today

He actually got out of bed at about 10:00 AM

very usual- he almost always sleeps until

After the noon hour

He no longer works

He’s like a Vampire

and living with him is akin

to living alone


He hollers; he screams

He told me this morning

that I ruined his life

I’m NOT laughing

IF he ONLY realized

how close I am to leaving

…I don’t know….

Maybe that just what he wants

Let him leave- I have NO place to go-

or I would be there now

I cannot take it

A friend of mine once said that:

BEFORE she’s leave her marriage

she would have to hate her husband

for a year




I have been miserable much longer
He doesn’t know
We do not talk
He yells- I yell

No communicatione
takes it toll

Tomorrow morning I go
to my therapist
and talk to her
She actually listens to me
With her help;
MAYBE I can sort out
out this mess
I call a life

I can put it in perspective
and make some kind of evaluation
I can decide (or NOT) to do something
to rectify this situation
It makes sense for me to
be able to “talk it out”
There are ALWAYS 3 sides
to each situation
My side- his side-
…and somewhere in the middle
lies the truth

I need to be able
to make a plan
to either save this relationship
…or leave it

The way I feel right now
is that IF I left
He might notice
I wasn’t here
by my bedtime
He knows I am not talking to him
He will only come out
of the bedroom
to criticize me
Half the time
He does not even wait
for a response
He does not “understand
my speech”? REALLY?
After 45 years?
Don’t buy that
He just doesn’t like
what I say

He is MUCH more articulate than me
but I am not stupid
I am not “Perfect”
He seems to think he is

He’s not
No-one is…


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