Dear Dad

Dear Dad

I lit the candle last night

and Mark said Kaddish

….and I cried

and kissed the candle

and gave you a cigarette

I NEVER forget

IF you were alive

I’d be at your house

smoking with you

Dad- I miss you

Every day

I never thought

it would be so hard

yes, I’m grown

I’m OLD!

but when I think about you

I’m just “your little girl”

Your “little girlfriend” called yesterday

She remembers

Til this day

She blames me

for not taking her

to see you

that last Saturday

she loved you

Dad- She still mourns

I think she always will

She has her faults-

her problems are many

but she LOVES

so the rest is forgiven

I am who I am

She is who she is

But you loved us just the same

With ALL our faults

there was LOVE

and it did not die

with you

It is still here


I would do anything

to see you again

I can picture you

as plain as day

One day;

we will be together again

until then

just know

we love you

we miss you

and if you are looking down

I hope you are proud

I have made progress

and continue to try

that’s ALL you ever asked for

Wherever you are

we’re with you

you know that

I have not forgotten-

I NEVER will.


Your loving daughter




  1. maryamchahine

    Wow! Very beautiful….reading this really was like a daughter talking to her dad. I believe that loved ones that have died, especially parents, can see what is going on in our lives. I’m sure that your dad would be very proud that you are trying your best : )

  2. jser67

    I do believe that my parents are still with me. I feel their presence. I had an Uncle who I loved very much. After I gave birth to my daughter; I had a dream that my Uncle came to the hospital to see her- I had the same dream with each child. Wishful thinking? I will only know AFTER I die- I would like to think it was real.

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