I would have gone out

this morning

but it was raining

and I had wet hair

I need to get a haircut

It’s just up the street

but tomorrow

I have a bus scheduled


I still need to go more

this is not good

this feeling in my gut

that just won’t flee

I’m sure I’ll be fine

I need to iron out

problems I am having

with the county

bus provider


I realize in bad economic times

cutbacks have to be made

and rules have to be enforced


The bus I take on Wednesdays

is all but empty

I’m the only rider

yet I have been

admonished for

having more bags

than I’m allowed

to have

on a bus

I travel on alone

I don’t drive

it’s either a bus

or my feet

I can;t buy

what I need

There has to be a way

to do errands

I need completed

The driver sees my car

sitting idle in my driveway

IF a car is not there

people think I am alone

My ex helps a lot

but still I prefer

to go alone

I would rather walk

than beg for a ride

I have to feel

in charge


I will go out

I feel better now

Everything will be ok


things will fall in to place

I can always walk home




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