Saturday’s Reflections

Just a lazy Saturday

If I want to take a walk

I’ll take the long way around

The  motto of my life is:

I NEVER go where I’m not wanted

I also never make the same mistake twice

I am NOT a pawn- nor am I a hack

If you don’t like what you read

maybe I’m just not your type

of writer- so pass me by


I am a human being

with a life to live

Happy or sad; it mine

You don’t like the way I live?

Then just stay away

I cannot and will not change

I am who I am;

I do what I do

Do not stand in judgment of me

Know who your friends are;

and aren’t…and never make the

supreme mistake of underestimating me

I have nothing to lose

which makes one free

I chose my friends

very carefully

don’t do me wrong

and expect forgiveness

I trust very few people

in this world

I’ve been burnt too many times

“When there’s a way”

Just watch me get where

I’m going

with absolutely no help

Just remember one thing

“What comes around

will go around”

and smack you in the face

Every person has to have their say


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