Clone Me!

A friend of mine

posted a message about cloning

she wanted her clones to be

free of her condition

It got me thinking

(dangerous at best)

Now I wonder

the same thing

I was born

4 days too late

My MOM had

toxic convultions

4 days before I was born

When I was born

the Pediatrician

did not know


There was NO way of knowing
MRIs simply did NOT exist
A MRI might have showed
the trauma to my brain
They might have known
I was born 96 hours too late
to ever be normal

The Dystonia manifested
some 47 years later,
but there were clues
along the way
the speech- horrid
from the first word
co-ordination-not my strong suit
writer’s cramp
Cognitive skills were never the issue
NOW- back to the question

Clone me
Am I normal?
CP- while in my vase~
is not genetic
It is not identified
by any gene
However, the Dystonia
Is it genetic or not?

Clone me…
…and see


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