The Best/worst Day Of My Life

What He said was true

NEVER underestimate

your partner


For someone so smart;

he has totally misread me

He and I go way back together

We met at what I now refer to as:

the scene of the accident

that I never recovered from


We were so young

I had just turned 15

He was a year ahead of me

in  school; but only 5 months older

He was cute;

a “smart Alec”

I was walking my dog (Sam)

…or…as he would later put it:

She was walking me

He was walking up the street;

dribbling a basketball

I don’t know why,

I had NEVER noticed him in school

He just walked up to me and said:

“I’ll walk your dog if you carry my basketball”

I handed him the leash

and I SWEAR I knew

right there- the corner

where the hospital stood I had just met

the love of my life


I would always kid my Mom

that had she NOT thrown me out

of the house that day

MY life would have been different

Deep down I know

Had I not met him that day

The FATES would have

made us collide that weekend

It was Thanksgiving weekend

I carried his damn basketball

all day-he did most of the  talking

He was smart- very smart

Thank G-d I could not get a word in

I have lousy speech

He asked me out

by the time I got back home

I knew his life history

….and so it goes









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