Me…Just Me

I cannot believe

IF I wanted to watch

the news ALL day;

trust me,

I’d have it on

YES, I care

but…when I’m desperately trying to sleep;

it is not the time to tell me why you were up

ALL night

watching these horrendous

and hanous events happen

5 am? I go to sleep at  11pm every night

I awaken by 6 am


Can he not keep his mouth shut?


…and after he tells me ALL this

(IF I recall it correctly, he said

“It was too cool to go to sleep”)

Bombings in Texas is ‘cool?

No- it’s horrible

These events are almost

too much to fathom

What kind of a  world is this?

Chesnia? Russia

I don’t care who did it

they should fry

I still believe

what goes around, come around

They need to catch him, take him

to trial

and pray that

some other criminal

will “take him out”

Because there is no justice

in the end, the law is as screwed up

as everything else


I am capable

of turning on the news

…and after I’ve seen the news

and processed it

I am also capable

of changing the channel

I want to…go out…


and after I get home

I can do laundry

I am capable of more

than you know

But…you look through me

not at me

You talk at me

not to me



When will you understand?

I went out this morning

you probably do not even know

I went

I spend most days ALONE
I never thought I’d

even think this

I am better off ALONE

I miss you

but I am quite able

to be my own person

I grew up






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