This Morning

I always go out

Wednesday morning


in any way, shape or form

but when you grow up,

You do what you have to do

I wanted to go to Walgreen’s

I needed a few things

OK- I WANTED a few things

I asked the driver to drop me off

He was very nice

Not only did he drop me there;

He waited

I bought a pint of milk

and I just wanted

Easter candy

(at after Easter prices)

Nevermind that  REALLY needed


I can easily buy that

at my ultimate

destination: Walmart

No Peepsters or Cadbury Mini eggs~ 



The driver waited for me

I really would have walked

I did not ask

It was nice of him

I got to Walmart

with my pint of milk


I NEEDED a few things


I needed to get out

of the house

I give myself credit

I could have cancelled

I didn’t

I got what I wanted~

typical me

Donuts, peanut butter crackers,

a raisin bread

for my ex

’cause I’m nice

I tried on some flip flops;

decided they were

too ugly~even for me

(I have been told

that I have horrible taste

in shoes

I’m fine with that

Hell; I have Dystonia

my toes curl up

Hate closed shoes

They hurt

I got what I needed;

plus a soda

and paid

I asked

The guy at the register

if he knew where the

After Easter candy was

He made a call

and told me where to go

I followed his directions

and found none

I asked someone else

She directed me to the front

of the store

Had to go there anyway

They was a small table

with candy on it

No Peeps; no Peepsters 

no Cadbury mini eggs

but there was a box filled with

what looked like

marshmallow ice cream cones

OK- this was obviously

better than nothing

and only $.50 per bag

I bought 2

walked out of the store

sat on a bench

drank some soda;

rearranged the bags

I still had 15 minutes

until the bus arrived

Looked at the Marshmallow cones

waled back in and bought

2 more

I got through the morning

I know it sounds weird;

but I’m very pleased woth


I’m an Agoraphobic

and I didn’t want to go

I left at 10:20 AM

and got home at noon

….and I lived to tell

the tale



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