April 10, 2013

Dear Ma-It’s been 6 years
I cannot believe you are gone
that long
As usual; I screwed up
I was supposed to light a candle LAST night
I forgot-
no excuses
I’m not going to lie,
I forgot
I will light it
right after I finish this
Ma- I love you
I continue to grieve for you
I don’t think it will
ever end
I miss you
Every day
I appreciate
how strong you were
My rock
I wish I had
1/2 your strength
I don’t
I remain
too emotional
I’m sorry
I’m me

I did not bring you here
only to put you in a nursing home
less than a year later
I couldn’t
I was too sick
I tried
You know that
I just have to get to the point
where I know it
I’m sorry
I did the best I could
you certainly deserved better
than you got with me


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