Who I Am

I am

what one would call

a “loose cannon”

I have nothing left to lose

desperation drives you

to do things

you’d never do


To get rid of a bug

one needs an exterminator

What do you do when

you’re so unhappy



I have stopped listening
I have shut down.
I do what I want to do
When I want to do it
My life has done a 180
I am heading in an opposite direction
I no longer care
If I have to be alone
If that is my fate,
my ultimate destination
is to do what I think
is right for me
No amount of whispering
OR screaming in my ear
can change who I really
my core being
“Be true to yourself”
I think “Traffic”
said it first (and best)
“I know just where my feet
should go….and that’s
enough for me…
I turned around
and knocked them down…
and walked into the sea”

Interpret that any way you want
but “those 40,000 headmen
could not make me change my mind

I am who I am
I make NO apologies
to anybody
I don’t know what
drives me
But G-d knows
I no angel
What I do; I do
out of love

My heart and soul
are in tact
I would not
sell out
even if
I was promised
that I would be
I cannot be bought
I no better or worse
than anyone else
Don’t judge me
I judge no-one
but me
and I’m my own
worst critic

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