Lost And Found

My Mother always said
that if you lose something
and you go looking for it
you will ALWAYS find it
in the last place you look

I lost my glasses
No big deal- I lose glasses
in the craziest places-
lost one in the oven;
cooking Thanksgiving Dinner
I bent down to baste the turkey
my glasses are usually attached
to my clothing- I did not
notice they were gone-
until my kid said she smelled
a noxious odor
I went in the kitchen
followed my nose
and opened the oven
my glasses had melted
and IF I remember
correctly- after I served
my chicken soup
I ordered chinese food
from the take out place
we loved
I was so very grateful
they were open

I sent the kids
for the food
they came and told me
“Hey Ma- you’re not
the only one (TRANSLATION:
who screwed up the turkey
They were jammed!!!

I lost (misplaced)
my reading glasses
yesterday morning
I always have a spare pair
in the house

The ONLY reason
I even looked is
because of ALL the glasses
I own~ this particular pair
fits me the best
I looked around a few times
could not find them
I was on my way out
I was going to the store
I bought these glasses in
I have a small face~
so it’s difficult at best
to find a pair in my size
and strength that actually fit

It did not surprise me
in the least
when the store no longer
had those glasses in stock

They were a really great value
Ray Bans. They cost me less than $5.00

The glasses I had to wear
just kept falling off

This morning; I went
to brush my hair…
…and lo and behold…
there they were
My glasses
…in the last place
I looked

I love when my Mother’s
theories are
100% right!

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