I Think I Think

I don’t think

one can be taught

to think


I think I was

encouraged to think

my parents were

very bright

My Dad quit college

to fight a war

unheard of

his last semester

he went to war


My parents did not believe


in censorship

while you cannot stop

thought; I would think

you could influence

a young child to think

a certain way


I am a “freethinker”


While teachers taught me

certain skills

I truly believe that most teachers

inhibit thinking

I think I think

in spite of that  


I really do not think

you can be taught

to think

It comes from inside

and the possibilities

are infinite


The brain

They understand so little

A brain is the center

it sends messages

to other parts of the body

to feel pain;

yet brain surgery is often done

with no anaesthesia

because no other organ

is telling it to feel pain

Quite remarkable


I think I think

…because I think



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