Not A Robot

I am not a robot

I am a person

I have feelings

I have a life

I do not do what people

tell me what to do


I travel to the sound

of my inner voice

Time oriented

Certain things

are done at certain times

I thrive on order


I will not be controlled
by any one other than me
I am tired of people
telling me
what to be,
who to be
without ever telling me why
The older I get
the less inclined I am
to listen to anyone
trying to telling me

I don’t want to be alone
yet every day of the week,
I sit here alone
Is this the natural
evolution of marriage

At this point
in my life
Frankly- I’d rather
be alone
than be with someone
who just takes up space

The late Dixie Carter
said it best
Though I don’t remember
the EXACT quote
She made it clear
that No one could
take the place
of the love of her life
She’s much rather go it
I am a loner
I prefer
to have company
but if I don’t
In the final
I’d just rather
go it…alone
I don’t NEED
I’m just fine
I know my limitations
and the truth of the matter
is the only thing
I really can no longer
do is to drive

I’ll just learn
how to take bus


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