rMy sister sleeps
as I write this
It is so good to have her here
with me
I really do miss her

I am not sure she realizes this
We did not get along so well
in our youth

But things are different now
OUR parents are gone
She is all I have left
She is truely
the only one I have
known from birth

She is a teacher-
special education
A VERY special person
I know she is great at her job

We are so different
Whille I’m still
an Agrophobic;
she travels the world
I could NEVER do that
I give her credit for ALL
she has accomplished
in her life

I don’t think she realizes
how much I honestly love her
We have lived very different lives

I’ve never REALLY worked
outside my home
She has built herself
a fine career-
she’s well respected
in her field
She volunteers
gives up time and money
to give to those children

dying in hospitals
she’s the one who
grants them one last wish

She’s going home later
If it were in my power
I would grant anything
she wants

G-d knows; she has worked
long and hard
She deserves only the best

This is the way I am
spending Easter
It could be worse
I could be completely alone


  1. Jser67

    I did- My sister bought me a “Calvin Klein” denim dress. Demin dresses are my favorite dresses. It cost her $1.00. To me it’s worth her NOT knowing I wrote her a nice piece on this site. To me, the dress is priceless; My sister is “a failure to communicate”; she actually remembered I LOVE demin” but as my kid says says; “The PERFECT house guest”. I made baked ziti last night- under my pressure”. I have not made Ziti in years, but I figure she likes Italian food…so, What I did not know is she’s dieting.I usually order out- she pays- backwards, huh?. Kinda like “The Gift of the Magi”

    IT’s raining out. She hates driving. She’s driving back to catalogue her flea market purchases…and to teach school tomorrow.

    We had a great night. We watched TV- She kept nodding out”.

    She woke up at 11AM and left at Noon. I love her a lot!

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