I have a few
Agoraphobia –
fear of open spaces
for me- it means I do not
like being out of my house
for a long time
EVERYONE has fears- as far as I know- ONLY 2 are innate-Fear of loud noises(Phonophobia) and the fear of falling (bathmophobia)
AquaphoTriskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13
Aquaphobia- fear of water
Acrophobia- fear of heights
Coultrophobia-fear of clowns
Monophobia-being alone

Achondroplasiaphobia. midgets
Gerontophobia- aging
autophobia- abandonment (women)
acarophobia- fear of darkness
bathmophobia- fear of falling/walking
Phonophobia- fear of loud noises
Misophobia- fear of eating noises
escalaphobia- fear of escalators
Thanatophobia- fear of dying
Genophobia- fear of sex
Obesophobia- fear of gaining weight
Pteronophobia- fear of being tickled

These are a sample of phobias. You would not believe the HUGE number of phobias- ALL are as unique as you and I.


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