Have You…?

I am basically nice
not sugary sweet
but I consider
myself compassionate

Have you ever
been in a situation
where; like a chess game;
one wrong move…

I find myself
in a weird…
very bizarre situation
one wrong move

I am me
I am too set
in my ways
to change

I don’t care
to be judged
I don’t judge
anyone else

I don’t feel bad
for people
who treat me badly

I can no longer
“turn the other
I’ve run out
of cheecks

I cannot and will not
aquiesse to the wishes
of other’s who
have no idea
who I am

At the end
of the day
I am the only one
who has to live
with me

If I don’t ask
for help
Assume I can
and would rather
fend for myself

I know I look helpless
I am not
I realize deep down
in my soul
that I am…

If I need help;
I will ask

I can do far more
than anyone expects
I demand certain things
from myself

I keep a lot
of emotion
penned up
no-one will ever know
just how much I hurt
Physically and emotionally

I am rather a mess
a loose cannon?

Don’t look at me
and think
“She has to be
an idiot”
looks can be deceiving
Only I know
what I have been through

Have you ever
been in a situation
that’s beyond your
wildest imagination?

It ALL boils down
to this…

Have you ever
felt bad
because you
don’t feel bad?

Life dealt me an unplayable hand
and I have choice
I have to play
like my life
depends on it

because it does

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