I don’t drive anymore

but that’s not really

germain to this topic


When my Dad first

taught me to drive

He said one thing


stuck in my mind

Mainly because; at least

for me

It was very true

He looked at me

and said

“Don’t drive scared”

Did not need clerification

I knew EXACTLY what He meant

I have always been

an emotional person

I knew that driving

was (at least for me);

an earned privledge

definitely NOT a pleasure

I never viewed




as a means of transportation

I was not a secure driver
Very careful
When cell phones
were the rage;
I would pull over
to one side of the road
or let my kids
get the phone
I have trouble texting
in my house
Driving and texting?

If I was upset
I tried to get out
of driving
My Father’s words
rang in my ears
“Don’t drive scared”
When I was crying
Again; I pulled the car over
whenever possible
BAD weather
IF there was even a possibility
of heavy rain…snow
I would not drive
My Dad was right
“Never drive scared”
I almost never did

As much as I want to drive
What my Dad said still goes
“Never drive scared”

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