I feel like

I’m damned if I do


damned if I don’t

My ex husband

has always

brought out

the best and worst

in me at the same time

Can’t win- in a war

of words (verbal)

He wins; hands down

he has the words

I don’t

but on paper

let’s see him

write a poem

and then we’ll talk

He thinks he can

do no wrong


even him


He’s VERY smart

and his words

devestated me

He can be exttemely


….or ….

command an audience

like no-one else

He can write

not like me

I write from

my heart; my soul

He writes

with his brain

No denying it

He has a great mind

but the difference

is glaring

He gives the reader


I give them


Which is better

Depends on what

you’re looking for

You cannot bludgen people

and expect them to argree

on the surface; yes


Just make him stop

He does not take “no”

for an answer

In his eyes;

I’m a “hack”

In my eyes;

He’s full…

of himself

The truth is:

I’d rather

be alone

IF he left

and never came back

I love him

There are times

I simply do not like him

and would rather be alone



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