Wednesday Outing

The bus was late today
That was okay with me
I just do not understand
The bus was empty
I was the only one to take it
When I got out
I asked
the time for the return trip
He said to call when I was done
It actually worked well today
I called when I was almost done
and they said he’d be there
in about a 1/2 hour
I checked out
and walked out
of Walmart
opened a soda
took a few sips
and lo and behold
…the bus was indeed
on time!

I just don’t fully
The county bus
is free
I don’t drive
….every week
I go
…and every week
I’m the only one
on that bus

I live in an area
full of elderly people
they cannot ALL be working
and I know I am not alone
in the fact
that I have a condition
and cannot drive
IF it was not for the bus
I’d almost never get out

I’m agoraphobic

….and today
I can honestly say
it felt great!


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