The Power Of Prayer

I am not

a religious person

but I do believe

in the power of prayer

My life is complicated

I have a lot

of different thoughts

running through my head

When I do not know

which way to turn

I must confess

I turn to G-d

for help

and I’m of the belief

that  He listens

Maybe, for whatever reason,

in these troubled times

I must take a number

and go to the back of

the imaginary line

Someone told me today

that if you accept G-d;

you must also accept

the devil

Fate has dealt me

a hard one this time

but I’ve got to believe

that resolution

will eventually come

….and maybe that

age old adage is true:


is dish

better served






  1. maryamchahine

    Prayer has such a big effect in our lives. I think they have even done studies in science to prove that people who pray have less stress and lead more peaceful lives.

    As you said you have been dealt a hard test in life. In my faith, it teaches that God gives his hardest tests to those He loves. The Prophets have some of the hardest tests and struggles. You are a strong person and I’m sure you will come out stronger than before. Keep going and writing. I think that writing is important to dealing with troubles, too.

  2. Jser67

    I went shopping today. The driver was very nice. He knows I’m done quickly. Much to my delight; he showed up early. I only live a short distance from the store. He took me ho(me. I tried to tip him. He took my hand and said- put your money back; but if you would; I need a favor- I said-“What do you want?”. He said- “Do you pray”. I said “YES”. He said : “My son is sick- could you say a special prayer?” Of course I will. I asked what was wrong. He did not want to share. I am big on privacy; but I got in the house and immediately said a prayer. To him (I would feel the same way) Money cannot buy heath.Anyone reading this, just know how important prayer is. I think it’s universal.

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