On Writing

A long time ago;
someone told me NEVER to
out anything in writing
that could come back to haunt

In the world now
it is so easy to
“paint yourself into
a corner”

If I took the time
to agonize about every entry;
every post,every post-
I might as well
throw this computer out
right now

But…of course I would not
do that

There is a fine line
between what topics I can
SAFELY write about
I cannot back up feeling
They simply exist
often …just because
I claim to be a expert
on only one

There are some topics
I know about…
but IF I wrote about it
I might cause bad feelings

When I write;
I put myself on exibit
I ask for the one thing
I abhor- judgement

Yet I keep doing it
day after day….
Weird, huh?

…and so it goes

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