Simply put:

I don’t


Trust is earned

and I have been burned

too many times


I go to a wonderful



To me;

she is quite special

For me to go by

a county bus

who is either

early or late

Almost never

on time


I realize the drivers

have their problemsShe

You would not believe

the number of adults

who still balk

at the very idea

of buckling up


getting there

is an adventure

in itself


She’s more than worth it
to me
I feel like
I can tell her
just about anythiing
I know she’ll understand
She doesn’t put me down
I don’t
but maybe with her help
There’s still time
for me to learn


  1. maryamchahine

    I’m glad that you have someone to confide in and talk to. That’s so important to have that support in your life. I know what you mean about the trust issue. My grandmother distrusted people greatly, and my mom is a little like her, and I’m the least, but I still have some of it in me. Very nice poem!

  2. jser67

    Thank you- I try. I’m trying to sort out my issues; it;s hard. My counselor told me to pray more. I am NOT a Religious person; but I do pray and the older I get; I do more than my share of praying. I just believe that G-d says “No” I think you have to make peace with yourself before you can have any peace. That’s the ONLY thing I desperately want.

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