The Power of Odor

this morning

And in my mind’s eye

I saw my Grandmother

She was in the kitchen

I was about 6

She was looking between her toes

It smelled AWFUL

In between her toes

it was black

I was only 6;

I inately knew

Something was wrong

Black was not a good color;

not inbetween your toes

Scabs were black

Not dark- reddish black

Her’s were black


I should have told;

but she told me not to

….and I didn’t

and til this day

I remember

that odor

My grandmother

has been dead

a long time;

but this morning

I swear I smelled

that odor

it’s not something

you forget


It’s the dog

she’s 14

very old for a dog


but I know

I looked at her








  1. maryamchahine

    I’m sorry to hear that your dog may not be with you very soon. Dogs are very loyal and great companions. I’m sure she has lived a very long and fulfilling life. But I know it is still hard to lose an animal that you have grown close to.

    Smells that are associated with an intense or memorable experience are hard to forget. There are some smells I know that I won’t forget if I ever smell them again.

  2. jser67

    The dog had a small seizure this morning. One of these mornings…. I feel so bad for her. She’s 14. I’ll probably never get another dog. I’m getting too old.

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