The Locals Vs. The Tourists


So I set the clocks back last night. I am an early riser. I usually wake up at 6am; and much to my chagrine; I did indeed wake at promptly 6 am. I figured it would take my bosy a few days to adjust.

Once I’m up; I’m up. I don’t think I’m grumpy in the morning; because i hurt less. How would i know? There’s no-one else up. Maybe when it gets warmer out- I’ll start walking in the morning. I can use the cardio-vasular exercise.


It’s the first day of DST. It’s actually sunny out. The weather has been so erratic this winter. The storm in the Northeast was worse than Sandy and did more damage to my home.


I live in a small resort town. I think that the toursist season will be bigger down than usual. Hurricaine Sandy obliterarated some very popular resort towns. With the economy being so bad; many families just don’t have the disposable income to go on a “real’ vacation. They will be here…with a sense of entitlement that bothers even the nicest local. The tourists come here and take over.


To me ; it makes  little sense. I would be happy to be on vacation. i would not act like most of them acy; barking out orders. My hairdresser told me that the difference between a ‘Local” and a Tourist is by the tip. The tourists do not tip- the local does….


….and so it goes


Ask any local….the best day of the year for us is the day after Labor Day.




  1. maryamchahine

    That’s pretty interesting. The tourists that come and visit the place where you live don’t sound very friendly. And most don’t tip – that’s definitely strange indeed! I guess I’m not the regular tourist then with my eyes wide and mouth agape. LOL! Kidding in a way, but I’m usually in a sense of awe when I’m visiting a new place and try to show some respect and appreciation. I love seeing new places and it doesn’t take a awful lot to spark my interest. Hope everything works out with the tourists flooding your area.

  2. jser67

    The people who visit this area have a sense of entitlement. They are extremely rude. It is weird. I have lived here since 2000. Before that, we vacationed here and fell in love with the whole idea of living at the beach. I don’t remember having an attitude. I was just happy to be in this beautiful area. The whole city of Cape May is a National Landmark. The architecture is so victorian.

    We moved here when my youngest child was about to enter High School.

    The bottom line is: the tourists have no respect. Hurricaine Sandy and the last storm have ravaged the beach towns. The economy has forced people to stay stateside. Maybe that’s where the attitude comes from.

    I went to the hairdresser last week. The woman ahead of me gave the employee $1.00. The haircuts are 15.00. I gave her $4.00. My haircut only cost $12.00. I got a “local discount” .

    This woman has cut my hair before. She knows my name; she knows I have Dystonia (a movement disorder makes it very difficult for her to cut it. She also knows I either take the bus or walk (I am not allowed to drive). When I walk in the shop; she usually says- “I’m GLAD you called (I didn’t) because there is an hour wait.” She took me next. I would have waited; but I appreciate the service. Had I had to wait; the tip would been the same. i am not easy to cut. It’s like trying to shoot a moving target. She has NEVER made me feel unwelcome.

    The woman before me? She was a tourist.

    • maryamchahine

      I never thought of it, but it must be a challenge getting your hair cut. It’s great though that she makes you feel welcome! There are people out in the world like this and they are very valuable. They see the humanity in everyone and that’s priceless.

  3. jser67

    My hairdresser’s friend was dianosed with Dystonia about a year ago; so she understands. I also gave her the name of the Dr I go to. The Drs in this area are…not only incompetent; they are also uncaring, judgemental and downnright rude. One local Neuro told me that I was faking my spasms and my problem was that I wanted attention- he said I had “bad posture” and handed me a referral to a shrink. Most people think that kids are cruel- Adults are worst.

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