Wednesday Therapy/Shopping

It’s awful out
windy, pounding rain
I thought long and hard
about cancelling the bus
I just did not want to go
But I forced myself to go

The problem with today
was the weather
The strip mall is a good size
A Walmart, Ross, Lowes, a shoe store.
a crafe store, Five Below *My personal favorite*
a bank and a few other stores I never been in
I bought everything I needed/wanted in about
45 minutes

I was scheduled for a return trip
about an hour later
I was told to call when I was done
NO promises~but
If a bus was in the area
I could get home
I sat on a bench
There was a rack of clerance merchandise
by the bench
and of course, I found something
I went back and paid for it
walked back out
and to my suprise
the bus was there
I DID go
iF I had to wait
I would have

I truely am my worse critic
Why did I come home early?

Was it really the weather
or was it my old “friend”
Does it matter?

To me- yes

Same time next week?

and I am hoping
for better weather
…and therefor
a better ending


  1. ModWestMuse

    I like this.
    “I truely am my worse critic” – yes. I do this too. But it can be harmful when that’s all you do. We should use our minds to also look into the good in things. No? Especially when we’ve trained our minds to notice and reflect on the ‘bad’ stuff. You get the idea. 🙂

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